0 The Fool

Own Feelings:  Yellow energy.  Self Absorbed. Radiant.  A confidence not necessarily built upon more than a grandiose feeling.  Beginning and end of cycle.  Touch-point on spiral.  Wings of Icarus still flaming and yet the idea of having safely landed and ready for the next foray.  Perhaps unable to hear or to heed the wolf.  Hermes(check this one)  Omega.  Spring.  Summer.  This realization came after considering the card reversed as cold and far from home–summer, which means to me winter, can mean fall depending on other cards depicting movement or literally falling.  I’ll have to redo this part in the reversed card posting.  I still feel awkward about viewing this card as the last Major Arcana, rather than the first.  For me and often for those that I read, it comes after a cycle–I view the tower with it, and comes with the “Yay! I’m done!” idea that is really only a first step toward Big Boy or Big Girl work.  Sometimes too I view this as the shooting star complex card.  I wish!  I wish!  I thrust! I grit teeth happily!  I lose effort and quickly crash and burn, hurt feelings like small child.

New: on just viewing the image for the purposes of this blog, not noticing the abyss just under the crust, less caution than might be indicated.  Noting the 14 rays of the sun, but wishing perhaps that ray study was something in which I was more versed.  I cannot affirm nor decline a useful belief in what is taught in rays.

Too much effort on or toward a mindset of enlightenment.  Other cards will add or detract what sort of function and direction this has or is needed to be taken.

A mood of afternoon tea, distorted concept of Now.  Is Now really what it is?  Choice of focus (with wisdom and knowledge or a wandering into denial and escapism).

Standard and esoteric meanings and uses of cards will be added to each post once I have gone through each card in the entire deck, recalling and using my own personal experiences, messages and meanings of each card.

It has taken me a while to try to get past and to change my belief of the enoughness of my organizational issues with this study. Much of the study material is pages and hours and years of study long. Unsure as to how much to place. Some of the areas I get a NO do NOT post that…here is the first part

The Materialist.–Arcanum XXII or 0.

In Divination, Arcanum XXII means Failure, Folly, and Mistake; (or Spirituality).

Arcanum XXII, or 0, like the planet Pluto, has a dual interpretation. As XXII, it is well represented by the letter T with its point thus down; but as 0, the circle being the symbol of spirit, it is represented by the reversed T, that is, having the point, or energy, directed upward, the cross-bar resting below on the earth, and thus indicating that the thoughts, emotions and actions, are directed exclusively toward spiritual endeavor. It is figured by a blind man carrying bags on his left shoulder. He leans on a black staff and walks toward a fallen obelisk behind which a crocodile with open mouth awaits to devour him. Above is an eclipse of the Sun. The eclipse signifies that the spiritual light from within has been obscured by material interests; or it signifies that dark forces from the inner plane try to shut away the spiritual illumination which guides the neophyte.

The bags over the left shoulder of the blind man indicate the material things of life he has spent his efforts acquiring; or it represents his ability to minister in physical ways to those in need.

The staff of experience with good and evil is black, indicating that prudence is subservient to the demands of the senses; or that the demands for uplifting and protecting others is so great that, though enlightened, he ignores all danger.

The fallen obelisk symbolizes the final overthrow of all temporal work and power. The crocodile indicates the ultimate fate of all who are blind to spiritual things, and also the persecution of those who work to spread the true facts of spirituality.

This blind man is the atheist, or materialist, and the man who is so absorbed in material aims that he neglects all thought of spiritual things. It is likewise the man who is a slave to his desires. And the ensemble thus symbolizes the inevitable suffering which follows sin. Or, it symbolizes the truly spirit ual man, who is so enthusiastic in his effort to assist the race that he is completely blind to the consequences to himself. And thus, equally well, it symbolizes the law of universal compensation, which decrees that for all effort expended in a constructive channel there inevitably follows increased ability and real advancement.


0 The Fool (reversed)


Own feelings:  None.  Ok that’s not true.  The words in my head say a lot.  “I don’t have any feelings as I do not use this card in this way.”  There are many reversed cards that for me show a differing effect of simply what the upright card suggests.  This one isn’t one of them.  This one in the reverse I tend to view as a crossing card, as in, “What crosses you?”  It doesn’t come up in readings that I do.  I think, perhaps that the manner in which I read, the questions that I pose, bypass the need for it.  If I ask what does ‘so and so’ need to know–sometimes adding in an about what, the need for this card to flash my attentions to some action or thing impeding the questioner is rather bypassed.

I am also thinking about on the circle–or spiral, how does the individual know precisely where they are without markers?  My answer is that I do not think that they do.  I think that a person can perhaps learn to look for messages, similarities that might aide them along in the comparison to a past that might give them a clue as to what tools to choose and what tools did not work previously–this is the lesson part.  I could guess that an upright card shows completion or closure of cycle,  where the reversed does not.  However, that so far I would term a guess.  Sometimes, I second guess what I hear in my head.  When working for others a guess is not enough and I would not risk doing harm by a guess.

Standard and esoteric meanings and uses of cards will be added to each post once I have gone through each card in the entire deck, recalling and using my own personal experiences, messages and meanings of each card.

1 The Magician


Own:  Seeking energy of Alpha considering mastery over all that is below.  Sometimes this denotes curiosity over what the suits represent and a wish, desire, or curiosity about controlling them or something else.  Lightning rod to grounding.  Dominion.  Red Roses–life.  Lillies–death.  The hidden shift of the 8.  Infinity–sometimes represents that I am to look at karmic items or something to do with a past life of the individual being read.  Thinking and examining imagined power without being able to see the real.  A lust for tools and accumulation of items coveted and thought to bring this ‘power’ without realizing true internal cause and effect, or simple truth that these items are nothing.  Crossing midline.  Thought to being.

The hand up and the finger pointing to the ground represent to me above and below, the roses as the five, show also the choice of source above and below. The lily as the seven shows level and one type of perceived perfection–creating infinity based upon ignorant choice at one that becomes conscious and willful choice at five. Infinity(written here in way too simple a manner) is the combination of what occurs between one and seven, including the choice at five. The cup(here) is another representation or manifestation of the rose(5). In a reading the other cards would show me karma as resultant of said choices OR what might be involved in and influencing such a choice.

Standard and esoteric meanings and uses of cards will be added to each post once I have gone through each card in the entire deck, recalling and using my own personal experiences, messages and meanings of each card.