1 The Magician


Own:  Seeking energy of Alpha considering mastery over all that is below.  Sometimes this denotes curiosity over what the suits represent and a wish, desire, or curiosity about controlling them or something else.  Lightning rod to grounding.  Dominion.  Red Roses–life.  Lillies–death.  The hidden shift of the 8.  Infinity–sometimes represents that I am to look at karmic items or something to do with a past life of the individual being read.  Thinking and examining imagined power without being able to see the real.  A lust for tools and accumulation of items coveted and thought to bring this ‘power’ without realizing true internal cause and effect, or simple truth that these items are nothing.  Crossing midline.  Thought to being.

The hand up and the finger pointing to the ground represent to me above and below, the roses as the five, show also the choice of source above and below. The lily as the seven shows level and one type of perceived perfection–creating infinity based upon ignorant choice at one that becomes conscious and willful choice at five. Infinity(written here in way too simple a manner) is the combination of what occurs between one and seven, including the choice at five. The cup(here) is another representation or manifestation of the rose(5). In a reading the other cards would show me karma as resultant of said choices OR what might be involved in and influencing such a choice.

Standard and esoteric meanings and uses of cards will be added to each post once I have gone through each card in the entire deck, recalling and using my own personal experiences, messages and meanings of each card.


3 thoughts on “1 The Magician

    • getting anuriel ahnuriel ahnurael closest hits so far are game names and suggestions to shift it to uriel angel name. Inner feeling is NOT to do this. Though, Uriel DOES have connection to the concepts in this card–as are written anyway.


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