0 The Fool (reversed)


Own feelings:  None.  Ok that’s not true.  The words in my head say a lot.  “I don’t have any feelings as I do not use this card in this way.”  There are many reversed cards that for me show a differing effect of simply what the upright card suggests.  This one isn’t one of them.  This one in the reverse I tend to view as a crossing card, as in, “What crosses you?”  It doesn’t come up in readings that I do.  I think, perhaps that the manner in which I read, the questions that I pose, bypass the need for it.  If I ask what does ‘so and so’ need to know–sometimes adding in an about what, the need for this card to flash my attentions to some action or thing impeding the questioner is rather bypassed.

I am also thinking about on the circle–or spiral, how does the individual know precisely where they are without markers?  My answer is that I do not think that they do.  I think that a person can perhaps learn to look for messages, similarities that might aide them along in the comparison to a past that might give them a clue as to what tools to choose and what tools did not work previously–this is the lesson part.  I could guess that an upright card shows completion or closure of cycle,  where the reversed does not.  However, that so far I would term a guess.  Sometimes, I second guess what I hear in my head.  When working for others a guess is not enough and I would not risk doing harm by a guess.

Standard and esoteric meanings and uses of cards will be added to each post once I have gone through each card in the entire deck, recalling and using my own personal experiences, messages and meanings of each card.


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