Purpose in Progress: Journaling A Tarot Experience

Tarot: A Continuing Ed Project is a start.  It is not a beginning.  I also do not believe it is an end.  It’s purpose in progress and continuous experience.  The start comes from a suggestion given for those new to tarot.  While I am not at all new to tarot, the suggestion had me smile and I decided to follow it.  The suggestion was not meant as a way to memorize and to spew forth what the tarot book that came with the deck says is the meaning of the tarot and of card.

I understood it is a way for the medium or intuit to use and to understand what comes to them for each card in relation to what is felt from each subject before, during, and/or after a reading.  It is a way to attempt to track general symbols for both edification and for a method of potentially tracking errors.  {edit:  No, the perfection part and the tracking of errors is my own.}  The person who provided the suggestion wished a tactile and visual way to write down feelings about cards in both positions, and then ‘standard’ card meanings.  I would also have additional meanings from esoteric teachings that are not as a standard usage of the tarot.

What does all of this mean to me?  It means that perhaps there IS a way for me not to take 45 minutes per card.  It might mean that I can internalize all of the astrological information evident in each card and make it more feasible for a client who is expecting me to say: I see that you will travel.  When instead I see a progressed chart–which gives me a date in the future, and transits, which can also narrow dates and provide me with obstacles, favors, and items on which work is needed to steer toward a desired response or resultant outcome.

Perhaps if I can find a way to write my own sort of book, I can bypass memorization–which is not yet my strong suit, and keep all of the benefits of the type of readings that I do, without spending hours searching and marking texts.  I do not know if I really want to be able to organize this.  I often wish that I could just have someone that is good at organizing watch me and record and order what I say.

If I find success with this method of image with my own thoughts compiled with more obscure meanings of the cards, using the Rider Waite deck.  I might also do additional decks and my own methods of card layouts, that also hold their own meanings, by order, space, location, and assignation.


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